Pro-Gressions Podcast with Damian Taylor

Progressions Podcast with Damian Taylor

GPS client and six time Grammy nominated producer, mixer, programmer and songwriter?Damian Taylor?features on the latest episode of the pod-series “Progression: Success in the Music Industry”. The podcast ?is a series of interviews with “highly successful people aimed to help you navigate the industry by breaking your goals down to next steps”. From the latest episode:

“Damian found himself in heavy demand early in his career after becoming one of the first masters of audio editing and automation within DAWs.?His career has taken him around the global?and his discography is filled with household names such as The Prodigy, Arcade Fire, The Killers, Temper Trap, and Bjork.?In addition to his daily mixing and production projects, Damian has also recently started streaming production sessions live on Twitch, and has launched a social network for producers, engineers, musicians and music creatives called The Complete Producer Network.

In this episode, we’ll dig in on…

  • Encouraging community and sharing knowledge
  • The intersection of productivity and creativity
  • How relocation can help redirect your career
  • Re-thinking your approach to the internet
  • Starting his career in London and working out of Strongroom Studios
  • The power of constantly learning
  • The Complete Producer Network
  • Making records on six of the seven continents
  • Pro Tools chops”

Listen to the full podcast by following the link below, and learn more about Damian by visiting his GPS client page here.