Sam Ryder – Mixed by Matty Green (Parlophone)

Today, UK-based Sam Ryder has released his next single “Tiny Riot” (Parlophone), mixed by GPS client Matty Green.  And if you don’t already know who Sam Ryder is, do yourself a favor and look him up.

As the world went into lockdown last year, Ryder uploaded short, snappy covers of Sia, Adele, Queen, Lady Gaga and many others on TikTok which quickly skyrocketed his popularity making him the #1 Most Viewed UK Artist on the platform in 2020.  But it is his powerful, smooth vocals in addition to his genuine quirkiness and joy for singing that brought him the success he is today.

While Ryder has been in the music industry for years, “Tiny Riot” is his second ever solo single and we are very much looking forward to what this powerhouse artist has in store for us in the future.

Listen to the track below: