Lera Lynn Live & Unplugged

Lera Lynn ‘Scores A Double Victory for Independents’

‘Lera Lynn Scores a Double Victory for Independents’

Check out this feature from Colorado Springs Indy, highlighting the stellar work in Live & Unplugged from Vinyl Tap (Ruby Range Records).

“On Black Friday, Lynn’s Live & Unplugged from Vinyl Tap (Ruby Range Records) proved one of the most interesting and popular Record Store Day releases nationwide…. The tracks justify her skyrocketing standing in Nashville, with some, like “Are You Listening?” deserving comparison to Joni Mitchell’s jazz years. This is Lynn’s fourth studio work, not counting the Plays Well With Others album of duets that was also a Record Store Day special. Her late 2021 breakthrough effort is proof that independents can override the noise generated by the major labels, and offer the listener something special and rare.” – CS Indy 

Listen to Lera’s latest full studio album On My Own, below.

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