Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes EP – Mixed by Phil Ek

Check out the new single “Jetlag” from Starry Eyes. This is the first release off of the band’s forthcoming EP, Ciao Bella.

The self-produced EP was mixed by GPS client Phil Ek.

From Glide Magazine:

“The rousing single “Jetlag,” is punctuated by grungy riffage, mountainous ringing power chords, and a sun-kissed chorus. The song is filled with vocals that are pop-laced and catchy, enhanced by keyboard that is spacey and soulful, and background harmonies that ascent to a place of pure reflection. The bridge to the song also showcases some fine guitar work that is swelling and atmospheric before we reach the final chorus that is equal parts melancholy and revelatory. Sadly, the song is a tribute to a lost friend and band mate that resonates all too well.”

Watch the video below: