Trailer Released for Disney’s Wish – Songs Co-Written and Co-Produced by Benjamin Rice

It’s HERE! Disney released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming film “Wish” due out in November 2023! The film stars Ariana DeBose as Asha and Chris Pine.

The animation will be done in a style that combines elements of classic watercolor with 3D animation.

GPS client Benjamin Rice is co-wrote and co-produced the all new original songs for the film in collaboration with artist and songwriter Julia Michaels.

From Variety:

“Wish” is written by Jennifer Lee and directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn. The film revolves around an intriguing, slightly meta question: How did the wishing star, which so many Disney characters wish upon, come into the cosmos? The film unfolds in the magical kingdom of Rosas and introduces Asha, an optimist with a sharp wit who deeply cares about her community. When Asha turns to the sky in a moment of need and makes a wish, her plea is answered by a little ball of energy called Star. Together, they team up to save Asha’s community.

Watch the trailer below: